Sunday, September 14, 2008

now I am working on a title called "VISITOR"..
It's a story by Mr. Ratnakar Matkari..
me and my friend Yogesh we are working on it
to convert that story in to comic format..
originally this story is there in marathi called "PAVSATLA PAHUNA"
so we are translating it in to

English and making comic out of it..
this is one of the character

from that story...
wanna know more about
Mr. Matkari here is the link


rajesh said...

Wow Man, Cool blog.

Gulzar said...

good stuff! real good stuffs!


Ashish Padlekar said...

hey Gulzar thanks buddy!!! seen your blog as well and you have some fantastic toon sense there..keep it up...


i inspired your work.